Setting up data session using EM7565 through pcie Interface

I have a hardware setup using NXP’s Imx8qm and running linux. I am using the EM7565 module via M.2 which I only have usb2.0 and PCIE as the only interfaces connected. I am having a hard time finding reliable info regarding setting up data over pcie on this LTE module in linux.

So far I have all 3 serial ports populated and I can issue AT commands, connect to available LTE network and have a wwan0 interface available. But setting up data session is where am blank. Some of the provided documentation and binaries point to data sessions via USB3.0. → Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)

If anyone has the information am looking for please enlighten me. I need to know if its possible in linux with this module to have data over pcie or its not possible.

You can see the MBPL example here

Hi @jyijyi

Thank you for the quick response. However, I don’t think this applies to pcie on the EM7565. Its only applicable for USB only scenarios.

How do I initialize the pcie interface and get the right drivers installed to use it for data sessions since I do not have USB3.0.

it is now running in USB2.0 according to your log.
Is it ok to establish data connection via USB now?

trying to cross compile libqmi first

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the PCIe interface has been or ever will be supported on the EM7565. The “PCIe Interface” section was removed from the PTS in 2018, and all it says now is

PCIe port—Reserved for future use.

Hi @jyijyi I can confirm that data session is established via usb2.0.

Just for clarity, could you confirm if PCIE interface will ever be supported? :thinking: If not, then please let me know so that next revision of my hardware, the Modem is connected to USB3.0 bus.

According to PTS, better use usb port