Setting UART parameters over the air

Is it possible to set serial port parameters (baud rate,flow control) over the air, or can this only be done from the port itself?

We have a little TCP utility that we use to send remote AT commands and to launch a download-over-the-air process, and the problem is we want to do a remote firmware upgrade but updating the firmware seems to set the UART parameters back to the defaults of 115k baud with flow control, which is not what we are using.



I guess you can send serial port settings parameter over the air using AT commands. Have you tried
testing it ?

Yes, I think updating the firmware sets everything back to defaults - see: FAQ forum/wiki? - #34 by awneil

So you have to ensure that the first thing your application does after a firmware update is to restore your custom settings!

I think the default is actually Autobaud - in which case, the device uses 115200 to send if it hasn’t detected anything else coming in.

The problem with that is another side effect of updating the firmware seems to be that user applications are stopped.

We do now have our application configure the serial port settings to what we need, but that doesn’t help when the application isn’t running!

Is there any way to force an application to automatically start after a firmware upgrade?