Setting pull up

I have airprime Q2687RD. In order to use GPIO12 as input, I disabled the keypad with AT+WHCNF=0,0 command. Now i can use GPIO12 as an input.
But the reset state of GPIO12 is zero(0). I want to set this pin to pull up. How can i do that?

If it doesn’t have internal pullup defined in the hardware spec, you’ll have to use an external pullup.

Documatation doesnt say about pull ups of gpio pins. How can i know if GPIO12 has internal pull up or not? I can not find it in the documantation.

In my old AirPrime_Q2687_Refreshed_Product_Technical_Specification_and_Customer_Design_Guidelines-Rev005.pdf it clearly lists which pins have Pull up as reset state and GPIO12 is not one of them.
GPIO4-GPIO8 are listed as “pull up” and in other place in the documentation “Pull-up” is defined as “Internal pull-up with ~60kOhm resistor to supply 1V8 or 2V8 depending on I/O type”
GPIO4-GPIO8 are 1V8.

You can’t reconfigure GPIO12 to have a reset state of Pull up. So you’ll either have to use another GPIO or use external pull up.

Hello tobias,

I have seen that part of the documantation. It says that GPIO12 is not pull up on reset state. But it is not necessary for us that it has to be pull up on reset state. Can we just set its pull up after reset?