Sending at+ commands to Open AT from app?

Hi All,

We are using the q2687 in an isolated environment and wish to send at+ commands to the OS from the application, as we have no terminal/other micro to do it. I noticed a SND_CMD macro in some of the ‘basic’ sample set, but this seems an ugly way of doing it (we’re using adl_).

SND_CMD("at+wopen= 8,1,20,2\r"); // set Safe Boot Mode

It seems such a basic thing to want to do - surely there’s a way?
I haven’t found anything at all in the documentation or in these forums…
Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Any help/advice much appreciated,


Then you really haven’t tried very hard, have you? :unamused:

There is a section in the ADL User Guide for Open-AT v3.03 specifically titled Sending AT Commands!
What could be clearer? :unamused:

See the adl_asCmdCreate function…

adl_asCmdCreate should actually be adl_atCmdCreate.

Oops - of course it should! :blush:

thanks for the input. :confused:
I don’t know about the v3.03 User Guide, but v4.10 is the least thorough guide I’ve ever read in my life.
adl_atCmdCreate is under “Run AT Commands”, but does not explain (or even define!) what the ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE is, or how to use it…
thanks for the pointer…


You’re right - this has already been noted. :angry:

See: … .php?t=560 … .php?t=444

It’s only brief, but there is a note in the FAQ: … searchFaqs

Search for “ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE”…

thanks awneil,

I do appreciate getting a shove in the right direction. I must say that as nice as the Open AT APIs appear to be, they are sorely let down by the docs. Wavecom should pay a couple of you guys to add to their user guides.