Send 1 message to many phone numbers in one instruction


Is it possible to send one message to 2 different phone numbers in one instruction?
This doesn’t work:

adl_smsSend(sms_Handle,phone_number_list,“Thank you”,ADL_SMS_MODE_TEXT);

But maybe there is some trick to do this?

No, there isn’t - you have to make multiple calls.

Thanks for answer,

I am curious, How it is implemented on phones, e.g.
I am sending one message to several phone numbers.

Is that message (only one) send to operator SMSC, and there replicated to all phone numbers given in message?
Or phone firmware replicates message to each receiver and than is sending each message quite fast ?

Just curious if I am sending only one message to SMSC or as many as I have phone numbers defined in message.

(I would like to save a time in sending one message to many users)


Yes, I very much suspect that is the case.

Take a look at AT+CMMS for sending messages in quick succession…

A GSM mobile is not a great platform for doing this - you would probably be far better doing it via a Bulk SMS service.

If the message really has to be originated by a mobile device, then consider having it notify a “server”, and then the “server” distributes the messages…