Sample application for VoLTE Call, DTMF and SMS using SDK SLQS04.00.20 API


I am using WP7607 module with Linux QMI SDK SLQS04.00.20 specially for VoLTE.
The sample applications placed with SDK gives very good idea about how to use API properly.
However, in the “SLQS04.00.20.bin\SampleApps” I could not find any example sample application for 4G-VOLTE-calls/DTMF/SMS.
Can anyone help me with sample example of VoLTE Calls/DTMF and SMS using SDK SLQS04.00.20 API?


Did you try \SLQS04.00.10\SampleApps\SMS_Application for SMS usage?
For voice call , you can try \SLQS04.00.10\SampleApps\CallHandling_Application

Thanks a lot for reply. I was looking into the DTMF services in the sample application source code. and I could find only legacy API getting used:

However, when I see the SDK API available, there are these new APIs mentioned:
int unpack_voice_DTMFEventCallback_ind (uint8_t *pResp, uint16_t respLen, unpack_voice_DTMFEventCallback_ind_t *pOutput)

int unpack_voice_SLQSVoiceStartContDTMF (uint8_t *pResp, uint16_t respLen, unpack_voice_SLQSVoiceStartContDTMF_t *pOutput)

int unpack_voice_SLQSVoiceStopContDTMF (uint8_t *pResp, uint16_t respLen, unpack_voice_SLQSVoiceStopContDTMF_t *pOutput)

int pack_voice_SLQSVoiceStartContDTMF (pack_qmi_t *pCtx, uint8_t *pReqBuf, uint16_t *pLen, pack_voice_SLQSVoiceStartContDTMF_t *pReq)

int pack_voice_SLQSVoiceStopContDTMF (pack_qmi_t *pCtx, uint8_t *pReqBuf, uint16_t *pLen, pack_voice_SLQSVoiceStopContDTMF_t *pReq)

What is the use of these new API? Will these API only for internal use(means legacy API will call these APIs based on the call type 3G/4G)?


Are you using the lite version of sdk?
I would recommend to use the full version.

Btw, i suggest you trying the sample first to see if it already suits your requirement.