RVDS 4.1 vs DS-5

Are both RVDS 4.1 and DS-5 supported for use with Dev Studio or is it only RVDS 4.1 that is supported?

I think DS-5 is for *nix-based stuff :question:

arm.com/products/tools/softw … /index.php

And what about MDK :question:

arm.com/products/tools/softw … /index.php

See note at arm.com/products/tools/softw … /index.php about DS-5 replacing RVDS…

And judging by the feature sets, it’s only DS-5 Pro that matches RVDS since it’s the only edition with ARM compiler… :exclamation:
arm.com/products/tools/softw … itions.php

MDK support might actually be more interesting…

Developer Studio is only supporting RVDS for the moment.
But someone already successfully gave a try to use MDK compiler: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/compiler-eabi-compilation-mode/5220/12 (expect maybe on debug…)

Please note that we’re currently studying this particular topic, and see how we’ll make toolchains support evolve in Developer Studio regarding ARM tools roadmap.