Run time fault 'Internal Panick'

Hi All,

Does anyone know what the following error is?

HLH: Internal Panick Task 26, double fault from 0x100DE6FA

I know that it has something to do with the High Level Interrupt. Can anyone shed more light on this?
I am running 7.50.0.A2 on a Q2698.



Not seen such error…
anyways… What exactly are you trying to do in the application ?

I think “Panick” i[/i] is a cutesy Linux-speak for “Fatal Error” :question:

In other words, it’s encountered an error in a state (HLH?) where it can’t handle the error - so it just has to crash :question:

Sorry that doesn’t get you anywhere with solving the problem…

I think I’d start by checking pointers & memory allocation first…

Also note that doing a lot of Tracing in the Interrupt Handlers can be a Bad Thing…

Remember that the Interrupt Handlers are “Special” and have many restrictions on what you can do in them…

Thanks for your comments, guys.

I wrote OAT software that ran perfectly on a Q2686. I then changed the module to a Q2698 and re-compiled the software using V7.50.0.A2 suite and ran it. The error occured pretty much near the start of the software, so there must be a subtle difference between the two modules that prevented the OAT software running error free. Any ideas to look for would be welcome. I will check out the memory ideas that awneil suggested.