Rmnet on EM9191


From the topic EM9190 usbcomp settings I gathered that there are no palns to support USB rmnet interface for em919x.

At the same time I see that the latest qmi_wwan.c (MBPL_Drivers_USB_R23_ENG2-src.tar.gz) there is a new entry
{QMI_QUIRK_SET_DTR(0x1199, 0x90d3, 8)}, /* Sierra Wireless EM919X RmNET */

Does it mean that there are some firmware versions that actually support rmnet?

The reason I am asking is that we use SierraWireless EM series modems in vxWorks and currently we only support rmnet. It would require a serious effort to port CDC MBIM to vxWorks, so we were hoping to use rmnet interface on EM9191 modules.

Thank you,
Dmitri K

Hi @DmitriK ,
Currently, There is not any information that RMNET will be supported for EM9191 in the further. MBPL packages also are used for other products such as WP/EM/MC … which are still supported RMNET so that entry might be used for the others not EM9191
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Hi @LemonGreen ,

The PID (0x90d3) matches to the PID of the EM9191 so I don’t think that this entry is used for other modules.


Yes @DmitriK , I can see the line in the file. I have checked on the EM919x further feature. The development team decided to support both USB MBIM and RMNET from release 3. User can switch between them but cannot enable MBIM and RMNET same time because they are exclusive to each other. You can subscribe to our IoT Newsletter at the link https://www.sierrawireless.com/ . You will get the announcement when the new FW is published


Interesting; I was going to ask exactly the same question after having seen the QCSERIAL_SWI_SDX55_RMNET entry in the qcserial given in the MBPL.

I’m already using firmware v3 (SWIX55C_03.04.03.00 6b63ff jenkins 2021/08/16 19:24:41) in a EM9191, but config type #5 (USBIF RMNET) is not yet listed as supported:

AT!USBCOMP=<Config Index>,<Config Type>,<Interface bitmask>
  <Config Index>      - configuration index to which the composition applies, should be 1

  <Config Type>       - 1:Generic              (Not supported),
                        2:USBIF MBIM           (Not supported),
                        3:RNDIS                (Not supported),
                        4:USBIF MBIM V2        (Supported),
                        5:USBIF RMNET          (Not supported),
                        6:USBIF MBIM_V2_CUSTOM (Supported)

  <Interface bitmask> - DIAG     - 0x00000001,
                        ADB      - 0x00000002,
                        MODEM    - 0x00000008,
                        MBIM     - 0x00001000,
                        RmNET    - 0x00000100,
  9  - diag,modem interfaces enabled
  1009 - diag,modem,mbim interfaces enabled


Config Index: 1
Config Type:  4 (USBIF-MBIM-V2)
Interface bitmask: 0000100B (diag,adb,modem,mbim) 


I don’t want to break access to my device, so didn’t play much with attempting to switch to QMI mode, although I do want to test it at some point. What would be the recommended way to switch the device?

Also, what’s the difference between USBIF MBIM V2 and USBIF MBIM V2 CUSTOM? I assume the V2 is that it support the Microsoft MBIM extension v2 for NSA, but not sure what the CUSTOM would be.

Hi @LemonGreen, Thank you for the information. Do you know when Release 3 is expected to become available?

Best regards,

Hi @DmitriK ,
Please subscribe to our IoT Newsletter at the link https://www.sierrawireless.com/ . You will get the announcement when the new FW is published.


Hi @LemonGreen,

Thank you I will. I see that Release 3 is now available for DOCOMO and Telstra. I hope that generic one comes out soon.

Best regards,
Dmitri K