Em9190 and Em9191 Usb2 compatibility


We are currently examining the possibility to use one of the above modules in a product.
We currently have a MC modem that is connected via USB in the product.
But when I look in the Product Technical specification for the EM919x modules the change notes for version 1 says

Removed USB2.0 backward-compatible references

How should this be interpreted?
Does it mean that the modules don’t work with USB2.0 ?
or is it simply because the theoretical throughput for the modules exceeds the limits in USB2.0?

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Hi @jess.andersen,

I have seen that Sierra only mentions USB3.1 for interface of EM9190 on this page: 5G NR Module | EM9190 Sub-6 GHz & mmWave Module | Sierra Wireless
Currently, I have an EM9190 module and I have just tried using USB2.0 to connect with my PC successfully. I can send some basic AT commands, but I think throughput or speed will be affected when using USB2.0.
So it seems that EM9190 will support USB3.1. And in the future, if USB2.0 will be supported on this module, I’m not sure.


Hi jerdung

That was also the conclusion we came to…

It seems like the safe way is to ensure that there is either Usb3.x or pci-e routed to the modem…

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