Ringing duration

When incomming call is detected i have to split it ( regarding to ring duration ) on different ports.

The pseudocode goes like this:

How to define ringDuration?. Please post some code example.

As already noted, This is a very common, but fundamentally flawed idea!
See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … lly+flawed

You really can’t rely upon the duration of ringing!
This is nothing to do with Wavecom or Open-AT - it’s just the way telephone networks work.

Anyhow, if you insist on it, you will need to subscribe to the Call Service and a Timer

Look-up the adl_callSubscribe function: there is a list of the Events that your handler can receive - including RING events.

When you get a RING event, start a timer.

When you get a RELEASE ID event, the ringing has stopped and you can determine how long it lasted.

So what happened to your 2 day response rule, then?

You’ve had the suggestion for 2 days now - did it help?
Have you got it working?

That’s the spirit !. Thank you.

Im working on my project and i will send you my replay today, with my epinions.


Hi mr. Awneil.
After few free days am back at work.

Im sorry if i understand you wrong but tell me how would you do it without timer and call service. BTW. I have read your post regarding this topic.

I will start now with call service and timer but if you have better idea please write down, so i can change the program.


What I’m telling you (again) is that your idea of timing the ringing duration is fundamentally flawed!