Retreive Application from device


Hello all,

Can anyone tell me if its possible to retrieve an application back out of a device?

The device that I am using is a Q2686 device which has applications uploaded to it using AT+WDWL.

I am thinking / requiring to do this to ensure that the application has not become corrupt.




There is a way to read the flash of the device, but you will have to contact your Sierra Wireless representative to get the required tools.


Please note that the FW verifies the application binary consistency before starting it (checksum reckoning).
If for any reason the application is corrupted, the FW won’t start it.


True. There is also the auto-rollback functionality where if a corrupted application is downloaded onto the unit, and it fails to start up 5 times, the firmware will automatically roll back to the previous application (for example, if you cancel an application download halfway through).