Retaining connection to a single cellular tower


I have a problem where our EM7455 modem has a dynamic IP assigned and due to this, it drops connection each time it connects to a different cellular tower (updates IP). Is there a way of retaining connection with a single tower for a configured period of time? I know I could restrict band on which it communicates, but I am not certain this is efficient solution.

Hi @dawid.szewczyk ,
Currently, I don’t any AT command supports to retain connection with a single tower. To avoid the behavior, you can consider to enroll a static IP with your operator


Hi @LemonGreen
Thank you for the update.

Would it be possible to retain the same IP address when changing tower we connect to? This is when SIM is configured to use dynamic IP address. I assume that tower itself assigns new IP to each SIM when connection is established (unless SIM uses static IP), but there might a way to prevent this?

Dear customer,
There is no option/ command to set a static IP for the module. IP assignment is belonged your operator