When i try to read multiple data with in a edge action i get an error:
WARN Failed to read from /app/environment/pressure
How can i fix it? Is it even possible?

Hi Lukas,

Here is an example:

var env_obj = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify("/environment/value", 0)));
var env_obj = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(Resource.readValue("/environment/value"));

var temperature = env_obj.value.temperature;
var pressure = env_obj.value.pressure;
var humidity = env_obj.value.humidity;
console.log("temperature = " + temperature);
console.log("pressuree = " + pressure);
console.log("hunidity = " + humidity);

Make sure the environment resource is enabled and the sample period is set.

Hi David,
Thank you very much for your answer. I have tested it and it works!