Reserving Serial Port on GX440 IO card

What is the ALEOS system variable that should be used when reserving the serial port on the expansion card on the GX440 with IO option?

As in devicetree.set(system.aleos.reserve.ser0,1), where ‘system.aleos.reserve.ser0’ is the ALEOS system variable for the built in serial port on the GX440.

For now, there is no way to reserve separately build in port and x-card port. Setting “system.aleos.reserve.ser0” will reserve/free both.
We are currently working on this evolution.

Using Ace Manager, it appears the IO X-Card Serial Port is not reserved after setting ‘system.aleos.reserve.ser0’ while the built in serial port is reserved.

Let me correct what I previously said.
“system.aleos.reserve.ser0” will only reserve the build in serial port.
We are currently working to provide an “system.aleos.reserve.ser1” variable to reserve the X-Card serial port.

Do you know when this will be available?

It should be available in next release targeted for next May.