Recovery Mechanism - documentation misleading

The description of the “Recovery Mechanism” in the ADL User Guide is misleading:

This suggests that it only applies when IDS is used - but that is not the case.

There also seems to be a bug (or, at least, an undocumented limitation) after a crashing application has been stopped - see:

My emphasis - why is it “approximately”?! Is it really non-deterministic :question: :open_mouth:

It has been mentioned that “Recovery Mechanism was introduced in the Wavecom firmware with the IDS service” and it is not mentioned that “it is available only with the IDS service”.

So i think its not a problem.

True, but the way that it is only mentioned in relation to IDS could suggest that.

I still say it should be made clearer.

And, of course, that “approximately” needs to be explained!