Multiple resets stop application


I have word from my distributor that multiple resets(I believe it is seven) in a certain amount of time will cause the Open AT app to stop completely. The only way of recovering such a unit is through a hardware power reset.

Any info on this will help?


I stumbled upon this only the other day!

See: Sierra Wireless Software Suite Recovery Mechanism Application Note Rev002 … ev001.ashx

This is pointless if you do not use IDS. Just one more thing to go wrong.

Ahh ok thanks.

On another note…what about temperature? If the modem reaches a maximum temperature, does it reset or switch off for safety? Does the OpenAT app recover once the temperature has stabilized?

No - if you needed such protection, you would have to provide it yourself in your app (or externally)

I take that back!

See: AT+WTMR in the AT Commands manual

This is new for R7.4a