Read the CPICH power level

Sorry for asking it here but, honestly, I don’t know where to post my question more conveniently (maybe you could suggest me the right place to write so that I can re-post my question there).
The question is easy and twofold: I need to be able to read the Common PIlot Channel (3G/WCDMA) power level via AT command or an easy to develop code from either a commercial USB stick modem by SW or from a suitable development kit (I would buy either one or the other - of course a USB stick would be more compact). It there a way to do it?
Any suggestion is more than welcome!

Hi Maurizio,

How about RSCP(Received Signal Code Power) value?
To my understanding, it is absolute power level of the CPICH received by UE.

Not sure which product and what kind of application you are using but in most case we can obtained it via +CCED or +RSCP command.

Please refer to AT command guide for reference.

Hope this helps.

That should be what I am looking for.
One more question: what is the rate at which the RSCP value is updated?
Once again, TIA!

Hi Maurizio,

The time for cell measurement is dynamic, it depends on network condition.