read Keys at startup



I have a trouble with q2501. When it started and keys was pressed before starting i can’t get state of pressed keys. Please tell me if you know how i can get state of pressed keys.

Thank You


If it’s not started, how can it ever read anything?!

Think about it: your mobile phone can’t read its keys while it’s switched off (ie, before it’s started), can it?! :open_mouth:

Or perhaps you need to explain more clearly what you require… :question:


I try to explain what i mean. I need to get state of pressed keys when device is switched on.

When device is switched on and you press key(don’t release it) then you switch off device, wait some time and switch on it again and you need to know what keys now have pressed state. I think that it is posible, becuase when you release pressede keys after device restart device send message that key was released, so device know that key has pressed state.

So maybe this post explain my question? Can anyone help me?


Can anybody help? How i can get state of keys? What keys pressed and what released after device start?