RC7620 and Linux driver

it is unclear to me if the linux in-tree qmi_wwan driver are compatible with RC7620 modem,
or if I MUST use out-of-tree Gobi Sierra driver.
qmi_wwan approach will be much simpler in my scenario.

Hi mt_0x,

You should use the MBPL driver from Sierra for RC7620 on Linux.
You can refer here Example on establishing data connection by AT!SCACT via MBPL R20 driver to get it.

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Thank you Donald,
can you address me to a link on Sierra website where is highlighted to use MBPL for RC7620 instead of Gobi/other?
I cannot find any useful resource…
Best regards

Why? AFAICS, that’s just a snapshot of qmi_wwan taken some time between v5.1 and v5.2, with some backporting added. I guess it could make sense if you use an old kernel without longterm stable support (i.e som BSP crap). But I really cannot see any advantage if you’re using newer kernels. On the contrary. Messing with an out-of-tree version of a driver which is maintained in mainline Linux just seems stupid.

But what do I know? Maybe this does make sense somehow

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The MPBL driver on Linux is the official Sierra driver for the RC7620 on https://source.sierrawireless.com/.
I recommend for mt_0x the official Sierra Linux driver for RC7620.



Ok thank you @Donald but the last link (qmi_wwan Sierra drivere) report EOL, correct?
And in MPBL there is no qmi_wwan but only GOBI.
Please tell me if I’m wrong… I’m a little bit confused

I’m trying to use in-tree qmi_wwan driver of kernel 4.19 but it doesn’t work, or I am missing something.
Which kernel are you using?


Hi mt_0x ,

You can get it here
MBPL_Drivers_USB_R20_ENG1-src.tar.gz (23.0 KB)