RC7620-1 AT+ICF parameters

which parameter for AT+ICF I have to use to set 8Bit , parity None, 1 bit stop .
The documentation doesn’t explain any value

Model RC7620-1
Version SWI9X07H_00.08.24.02 f90cbd jenkins 2022/03/21 03:47:54

I checked the setting of +ICF in RC7620, it already can use 8Bit , parity None, 1 bit stop in UART to have AT command communication.

+ICF: 3,3


Ok so AT+ICF=3,3 means 8Bit , parity None, 1 bit stop, right?

can you also verify this on your board?

I already set AT+ICF=3,3 but I’m receiving some “parity error” from the controller (PIC32), and cannot figure out why. This is strange.

Let me ask another question: do you have some documentation for AT+IFC (flow control). I had to read TELIT documentation to find some explanation

For +IFC, you might refer to HL78 AT command guide:

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