There is 128K of RAM on Q2406B, is thre any Q24 module in production that have 256k or RAM, waht about the new Q2406 Plus module ?



Hi slajdan,

I think Q2687H has 256 K RAM.
The Q24 series all have 128 K RAM.

Please be in touch with your FAE for latest news regarding the memory sizes and Wireless CPUs.

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Open AT Fan.


Q24PL (Plus) have 1664k RAM available.


Hi tobias,

Is all of this RAM available to Open AT?

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Open AT Fan.


Hello folks,

So the RAM sizes look like this:

Q2406B 4Mbit, 128K for OAT ( limited availablity )

Q24 Classic, Plus 16 Mbit, (13 Mbit) 1664K for OAT
Q24 Extended, Automotive 4 Mbit, ??? for OAT
Q2686/7H 4Mbit, 256K for OAT