I got this when i type at+cgmr
641b09gg.Q2406E 1339080 041604 16:04

my question is why can’t i find 2406E on my 3.10 SDK?
i can only find Q2406B, Q2406B-C.
i want to flash my Fastrack in order to develop an Open AT based application.
Is Q2406E equivalent with Q2406B?
I’m afraid if this is not equivalent, my attempt to program an Open AT application will only crash my Fastrack.


Hi wiria
You are very lucky
I am a distributor and I have only heard stories about the Q2406E
I have never had the privilige to play with one.
It is the same hardware but with bigger flash size than the “B” memory
(or so I heard)
even i do not have OS for this unit.
Ask your distributor for the correct software.
But dont worry your program should be compatible
Best regards

Very lucky? Yeah sure…

we have few hundred of 2406E’s and no software. Can anyone help please…