question about SLQS04.00.02 GetIPAddressLTE(...)

Hello, All:

Did anybody call the API function GetIPAddressLTE(…) succeeded? Is the input parameter correct?

ULONG GetIPAddressLTE( WdsIpAddressInfoReq *);

I tried to call this function in my application code, while I got the following error. I have included the header file qaGobiApiWds.h in my code. Plus, another API function from qaGobiApiWds.h is called succeeded.

Compiling src/connectionmgr.c
bin/ exists - good.
obj/hostx86_64/connectionmgr.o: In function getIpAddr': /home/jchen/mainline/development/src/SLQS04.00.01/SampleApps/Connection_Manager/src/connectionmgr.c:2998: undefined reference toGetIPAddressLTE’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/connectionmgrhostx86_64] Error 1