Q64 Data TCP/IP command


 GR64 can use data tcp/ip at command,eg at*e2ipa=1,1    at*e2ipo=   ,creat a tcp connect.
 but ,at Q64's AT Commands Interface Guide for Open AT Firmware 7-43,do not support  The data tcp/ip at command at*e2.. 
 Q64,what is at command can creat a tcp connect?


Q64 uses GR64 plugin only. So ,to activate and deactivate the PDP context ,ATE2IPA=1,1 and ATE2IPA=0,1 (i.e. AT*E2PIA=,)can be used respectively with Q64.

These commands are similar to standard AT commands i.e. AT+CGCAT=1,1 and AT+CGACT=0,1 respectively. The PDP context IDs are interchangeable with the standard commands. Therefore, the connection may be activated or deactivated using the AT+CGACT or AT+CGATT commands also .

But do not use both the commands i.e. AT*E2PIA and AT+CGACT simultaneously to activate or deactivate the connection.