Q2698 unwanted L3RR trace


I’ve got a FX100/Q2698 here running a beta version of firmware that my Distributor supplied (FW7.53).

In the traces window on DS, I’m getting a L3RR Level 1 trace roughly every 5 seconds. I’ve looked in the traces configuration window, and all the L3RR level traces are turned off - in fact, it I turn ALL traces off (including ADL & OAT), I STILL get the L3RR trace.

How can I get rid of it? Or is it a feature of this software version. It’s a blasted nuisance and makes testing just that little bit harder…

ciao, Dave

yeah… same issue…

Seriously, i tried with WP 13. Same issue… need to check with R&D…


Thanks for confirming that it’s not just me.

And thanks for escalating it to the appropriate group.

ciao, Dave

escalated to R&D.