Q2698 and TCU module


Any thoughts about when (if) the TCU module will be available in the Q2698 firmware?

BTW, the hardware registry indicates that the TCU is (i.e.


returns a value of 1 and


returns a value of 8 ), but a subscription ( using adl_tcuSubscribe() ) returns a handle of -13 (ADL_RET_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED).

A high resolution timer would get me out of the hole right now…

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

As per ADL user guide, section 3.28 TCU Service:

Note: TCU service is not available on AirPrime SL808xT & Q2698 embedded modules.

So, it is expected to return -13 on subscription and apparently a mistake in adl_regGetHWInteger().


Hi Lotam,


Yep, I had seen this but considering the number of errors in the docs the response to adl_getGetHWInteger () confused me.

If this is wrong, then can I file a bug report to get it fixed in the next firmware release.

Thanks for the update - it’s much appreciated.

Ciao, Dave