Q2686 Li-ion Battery mangement

What is the state of the ON/OFF pin?

Check out PTS REV005, page 88, point number 5:

“Connecting a charger on the WMP100/WMP150/Open AT® Software Suite v2.0 has exactly the same effect than setting the ON/~OFF signal. In particular the WMP100/WMP150/Open AT® Software Suite v2.0 will not POWER-OFF after the AT+CPOF command, unless the Charger is disconnected.”

It does not really matter what state the ON/~OFF signal is at.

Hope this helps.

I just went through the q2686 development kit user guide and the schematic . Now I need to design my own ckt. it consists of q2686 wavecom module and other ckt.

I need a battery enabled design so where i should connect the battery and charger…?
since q2686 provides charging part I want to use that facility, hence I planned to connect li_ion battery directly to the VBAT pin and charger to CHG_IN pin .
Will this works fine…? and what are the other things i need to consider to enable the charging…?