Baterry Management


Hi freinds,

I need to interface Li-Ion battery but some confusion with it.
In Q2406B ther are total 4 pins availabele.
one is for baterry temperature and rest may be for charging.

But i saw in Nokia BL-5C battery there are only 3 pins.
my question is how to interface it.

is any program code is necessary for charging this battery or module will charge it


Li-Ion batteries can be very dangerous if mishandled!

There is a significant risk of fire and/or explosion.

Therefore, if you’re in any doubt, don’t do it!

Your first step, obviously, must be to obtain the full and detailed specifications for this battery.
You need to know exactly what those 3 pins do!


thanks awneil ,


The thing is that there is no adl_function to control the charging procedure, so it has to be done through AT commands. (Someone to affirm that,please).
My question is the following: to which point does the WAVECOM module control its own charging procedure and to which point should the programmer interfere in this procedure?

Thanks very much!


Yes, I’m afraid so - another of the many things that isn’t provided as a proper ADL API. :angry:

As ever, you need to read the Datasheet (aka “Product Technical Specification” or “PTS”) for details!

There is also an Application Note available


I guess q2406b just cannot charge Li-Ion batteries. AFAIR this feature was implemented since q2686.


Your guess may be correct - but the Datasheet will say for sure!


Of course I always consult the datasheets before asking a question. But the thing is that after giving the Q2686 the battery’s specification, is it necessary to check constantly the battery level and manually start and stop the charging procedure?

And by the way which Application note you mean?

Thanks in advance


The AT Command for battery management is AT+WBCM

The Application Notes are at
(you need a login - it’s free)