[Q2686] How can I monitor if Sleep mode is currently active?

When W32K mode is active, I know when my DCE sets DTR in order to command the modem to enter sleep mode, but the modem can take a few seconds in order to execute it indeed… Anyway, it can exit Sleep mode by its own for many reason. I just want to monitor that for debugging.

An I/O would be great because checking power consumption is quite tricky …

I could use my custom Open AT application, but don’t know how …
Any idea?

I’m with Fw 7.44

CTS pin, please refer to Appendix Sleep on procedure.

You may also like to enable RI pin using +WRIM so host can be waken for different events.

Hope it helps.

Thank you lotam for pointing this, it solves half of my problem.

Same question with AT+W32K=1,0 (Ignoring DTR). Is an I/O toggling somewhere in this mode ?
(CTS stays low, I’ve checked)