Q2686 Flow control

I use Q2686 modem in connection with AVR32UC3B MCU. I use RX, TX, CTS, RTS signals, and configure Q2686 as FTP client.
After successful connection I send, byte by byte, 1 Mbyte file to FTP server.
I control CTS and stop transition for a period when CTS is “1”.
When I check file on server, I see it incomplete, much of data lost. Can You help me to fix this problem?


Are you using WIPSoft? Can you share the FW version and WIPSoft version by sending below

If same happens when the file size is smaller? Have you tried to compare the content and can you share the actual file content and uploaded file content?


  1. AT+WOPEN:2, “AT v06.32”. “AT v06.32”
    AT+WIPCFG=3, “WIPSOFT v532 on OpenAT OS v632 Apr1 2010 06:09:59 wiplib: v5a17 wipsoft: v3b080”

  2. 2 files attached: ftp_source.bin, original file, send by MCU; and ftp_output.bin, loaded by FTP server.

Thank You.

extension “bin” is not allowed. Now I send “.log”

ftp_output.log (167 KB)
ftp_source.log (1 MB)