Problems with Safe Mode sample

OS Package: 6.35.0;
FW Package: 7.45.1:

See: adl_safeCmdType_e - Missing entries - this means that the Safe Mode sample does not work correctly for AT+WOPEN=7 and AT+WOPEN=8

And, thus, that the response to AT+WOPEN=? is wrong:

With modes 7 & 8 not working, it should be:

(the formation of that response is a kludge anyhow - but that’s another story…)


From the application,it is true that WOPEN=7 and WOPEN=8 does not work with the safe mode application.

In the code,it is implemented like this only that apart from WOPEN=0 and WOPEN=5 (0(stop) and 5(suspend) requires password),command type is WOPEN OTHER then it will throw error.

But in the rsponse of AT+WOPEN=? command,
Only 0 and 5 is considered to omit (as these require password) and range is upto 8…this may be because of range of mode available for AT+WOPEN command.


Yes - the real bug is the fact that modes 7 and 8 (and 9 in later firmwares) aren’t handled correctly.

And that’s due to the ADL bug (omission) mentioned in the linked thread.