Problem with FTP Password (#)


I have a problem with FTP file sending.
I think the problem is the password that contains #.

I changed the # by a %23 but nothing has changed.

I have the error 530 (user cannot loggin ).
And with filezilla server I have no problem to connect to the FTP server.

Here my code :

local put_argument = “” … file_name
local e, f = ftp.put(put_argument, file)

Thank you in advance for your answer,


AAF uses the ‘standard’ luasocket FTP library. When you call ftp.put() with a string it is going to parse the URL, and maybe there is an issue with parsing special chars in a URL (not even sure # is acceptable char in there)
You could try the alternative format of that function that is to provide a table instead of string, so that you can provide individual fields and not rely on the URL parsing. See Lua Socket doc, here for instance: … p.html#put)

If that does not work, the only quick workaround I can propose is to not use # in your password :slight_smile:.

Let me know how the ftp.put with table works (or not).