Problems to make aFTP connection

Hi to all!, im really embarased because a month ago i made to get to work the DOTA example, but now im making the FTP libraries but the FTP create funtion returns 0. This means that something is wrong.

Now, mi doubt is about the entry values, i think my problem is there.

my ftp server is something like this :

" " : Name of the server
"user ": Name of the user
“pasword”: The password

I entry the data like this but the funtion return me nothing but 0. Does anyone knows what im doing wrong??.
Thank u so much,

Did u try with browser or windows explorer for this ftp site. Is it working fine?

Thank for your reply!, i solved it!. Te problem was that i hadn´t the plug ins installed!. My distributor gave it to me and it works just fine.