Problem with attachments?


I just tried to add an attachment to a post, and got the following error:

[size=150]Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.[/size]

Is this just with one board (The Q Series and SL Series) board, or is there some tweaking needed on the forum in general?

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave, I’ve tuned a bit the configuration and raised the # of attachements per posts.

Hope it helps. Please check,


Hi Thibault,

Still having problems. This time in a post in the Open AT Application Framework ‹ Operating system forum.

I can post the code inline this time.

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave, I’ve raised the allocated max space for attachments for the whole forum.
Please try again and tell me if it has fixed the issue.



Hi Thibault,

Just edited a post and inserted an attachment inline with no problems.

Seems to be OK now.

Thanks, Dave