PPP Authenticated but no data throughput on 2G

Following the upgrade of the HL7802 module to the newest firmware, the module no longer sends or receives data over PPP on 2G.

The unit has good coverage, attaches and PPP authentication is fine, data is “sent” but does not arrive and there is of course no reponse either.

On LTE-M using the exact same procedures this works as expected, only seeing this on 2G.

We are using LWIP and using CMUX, although have removed the muxing and still see this issue.

Has anybody else seen this behaviour?

Hi chgo,

What firmware are you using?

Please note that:
In LTE mode, the PDP is automatically activated when the module attaches to network.
In 2G, this activation isn’t done automatically. Please make sure that your PDP is activated before make a ppp connection.



This issue is present for firmware versions 4.6.8 and above. It is caused by the reduction of a delay for connection using PPP.

Resolved by adding a holdoff on application side prior to PPP Connection attempt.