Power supply range for FastTrack Supreme 10/15


I have a demo modem based in Wismo Quik Q2403A board, Its seems to be an FastTrack Supreme 10 or 15, with RS-232 serial port.

I wish to know the input power supply range for this modem, in order to build our own.

BWT, The module have no internal batteries.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It is clearly stated in the User Guide!

No, that’s not a Supreme - that’s based on a Q26 (see the User Guide, again).

It’s not even the Supreme’s predecessor - the M1306 (which was in the same sized can).

It is even older than that - it is the M1306’s predecessor (which had a can about 50% longer than the Supreme and M1306)

usually, the input power about is 8V to 15V, tell you a method, see the PCB if have the inductance, if have ,is the DC/DC power, the input power is high, about 8V to 15V, if without, is the LDO power, is input power is low, about 5V to 8V.

the product isn’t supreme product.

What do you mean by “usually”?
What do you mean by “about”?

No, that is not a safe deduction - inductors may be used purely for filtering, and for many other purposes unrelated to DC/DC converters!

Again, that is not a safe deduction.

Why specifically “LDO”?

Again, that is not a safe deduction.

Don’t guess these things - confirm them in the manual!