Port closed between TCP connection interval

I’m using the WP7702 chip to communicate by LTE.
At startup, I connect the 4G to the network without problems.
Then, the chip seems sending a keep alive each 27s.

This is the only time slot the modem is able to respond to pings or TCP connections.
It seems the modem keep online for 2-3 seconds before not responding for another 27s
Suddenly, a ping on the modem works every second, but on a TCP exchange, the port is cut after 2-3s.

How do I keep the modem accessible at all times?

I configured by AT commands the NO SLEEP and NO ENERGY SAVING

does this help by disabling eDRX mode?

Hello and thanks for the reply.
After testing the AT command CEDRXS = 0, the modem reply better.
however In the project, the challenge is to have the minimum of data communication (to reduce provider costs).
With CEDRXS = 0, the modem seems sending data or keep alive each 12-15s instead of 27-30s.
I will monitor the data seen by the provider.

I will test if everything works and let you know.

didn’t you can control when to send the keep alive packet?

I didin’t checked about the Keep alive configurations, but by default, as I see, the Keep alives are sent each 32s, I think it could be ok

The issue seems solved with the command AT+CEDRXS=0