Play voice. Any command for DAC?


I have Q2501B and need play voice after incoming call.
I have idea:

  1. stored voice into flash as WAV (in PCM format).
  2. connect output DAC to microphone input

I’m now as make this on ARM7 CPU (Philips or Atmel).
But I’m not find any command for DAC !?!?!?

could anyone tell me where the problem is?

The DAC is only mentioned in the hardware description. There are (and will be) no commands neither AT nor OpenAT to use this feature as far as i know.

Best regards,

You are quite right Ralf about the reference in the manual but it does state that

However it then provides no further information, there must be some way to manipulate it.

One problem I am having is the A/D convertor and the poor 10 second update cycle. Is there any way to reduce this?

Regards Mike.