Ping sample trouble


I have been trying to use the Ping_GPRS sample application to verify my settings and configurations, and start with something to build from.

I have not been able to get this sample to work. I have eliminated the service provider, and the functionality of the SIM card. All that is left is the modem configurations/settings. The problem is that I don’t know where to start looking to eliminate causes.

What are all the settings/configurations that would affect the sample app. from working properly???

What I do know is:

The PDP context is established (this I know because the IP received is right according to the local service provider), and the app. is not timing out.

When the pings are sent, they are never received back, at leased as far as I am informed by the app.

A list of ‘required configurations’ to make this sample work is what I hope some could provide, please and thanks.



With my ISP I connot recieve pings from external netwroks nor can I ping out to external networks.

I can send and receive pings and replys/echos on the internal network.

The ping functionality is not permited beyon the GGSN server. This should be the case with most ISPs.

A clear explanation and warning of this practice by ISPs in the GPRS_ping sample app.


I agree to the request!

The sample program didn’t work with my provider either…

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