I need help with the PING GPRS sample


Does anyone know what’s wrong?

When I downloaded the first time the ping gprs sample into the Q2687 modem (Dev. Kit) using at+wdwl (after that I reset it using at+cfun=1) then

I run the sample with at+wopen=1

I Execute:

at+gset=1,“empresarial.itelcel.com”,“webgprs”,“webgprs”,“0xx.xxx.00x.171”,0,0 to put the PDP Context (This is a fixed IP assigned by the network operator)

after that I write the wdata command and enter:


The response is:

Context activation error

Can anyone help me solve this issue?



A standard part of all software development is debugging - and now it is time for you to start debugging!

A standard process would be to look at the source code to see where that message could be generated, and what could cause it to be generated ;
if that doesn’t show the answer, think about what additional diagnostic output (eg Trace) you could add to give you more information to go on…

For tips on getting Trace info from WIP, see: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/multiple-http-requests-every-other-one-fails/4184/1