PING problem with WIP plug-in (Q2686)

Thank you Zafer.
I had to put ClosePingChannel() after WriteLog2(“ping”,“0”,“PING OK”,TRUE) to resolve socket error which happened after a number of successfull pings.

I met the same problem when useing WMP100.
Is it a big bug?

Not if it’s resolved!

I contact with my local wavecom distributor with application engineer and he confirmed present a problem. But wavecom support ensure a problem as soon be solve.

I tested this code and also doesn’t work correctly. Continuously identical problem.


have you guys by any chance tried “PING_GPRS” sample which is provided with the ADL OS samples…??? It might be of some help and could help you to understand the flow better… Moreover zafar is not having any problem( which i feel is evident from his post) so i dont think this is a bug… It would be better in any case to try the thing with Wavecom tested samples than with our own application since chances of error in our application would be more… :slight_smile: … so i think its better to go though the sample, understand the flow and then start working on the application… :smiley:

regards, Paruthiv


I experienced this code successfully. The modem could send more than 150 PINGs (most of them are succesfful pings-> PING_OK, some is timedout pings-> PING_TIMEOUT). My ping period was 30 minutes. There was a case that the ping requests got timeout continuesly 3 times. But the module didnt restart. Pings continued operations as expected.

After 150 pings, gprs connection was lost, so pings stopped. it could stay connected to gprs for 150*30=4500 minutes. I tested this before. i dont use pings anymore but i wanted to write my results.


Zafer, which version firmware you using ?

i use fastrack supreme 20, 663g00, wiplib 3.20.2030

I testing beta version of new WIP library, provide my local distributor and miskate is corrected. Ping function now work correct :smiley: I expect comming soon official realese.