PDU decoding exception

I am facing “PDU decoding exception” error every time read the SMS if someone sending an EMS (Long SMS with more 160 chars). We build with ASP.NET and VB.NET for the SMS application. Everything runs smoothly in Fastrack Supreme 10, except for case above.

Anyone have the solutions?

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What, exactly, do you mean by that?

Have you seen https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/changed-pdu-format-since-r7-43/4412/1 :question:

Sorry, forgot to describe in detail.

If someone sending a long SMS (more than 160 chars, let say 200 chars), will read as 2 messages, and will read like this:

Message No 1:
PDU decoding exception:059126181642640C91261816690127000001608031303382340500037C020240F33A3C9C0F83E6E5763DECCE8741E2B21C1D9EA7D92E5030FF06ADC3ED3A489C9E87592062790E

Message No 2:
PDU decoding exception:059126181642640C91261816690127000001608031301382A00500037C02019061773E0CA297E769F719340FABC32ED0B4DC7E9FC3A079B95D0FBBF36190B82C5787D96137881D768FC37217685A9F87D12075FD1C06D1CB72773E4C0F83E6ED3928ED4EB3407438689DA68741E8B0BC3E07E5C3EBB41B240EA3EF61D0BCDCAE8741697A1D244ECFC32078981C0685D7E8B4DC9D0FBB40CDB03C0D5AA7E96190B82C27BFC3

Any helps is very appreciated


I’m a little confused - are you trying to decode the messages in the OpenAt environment, or on a PC using your VB.net app?

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave

No, I’m not trying to decode the message in the OpetAt environment.

I just trying to read the SMS(s) on a PC using my VB app.
I can read the normal SMS(s) successfully, but not for the long SMS (if they sent more than 160 chars). The result is always like I mention early.


Then you need to address your question to a VB forum, as it has nothing to do with Sierra Wireless.

Does your VB code actually support long SMS messages?

I think there are a number of different schemes for doing long SMS - are you sure you are using the correct one(s)?

Try searching - here and elsewhere - for “concatenated SMS”…

@awneil: oppsss, sorry. I thought can ask in this forum, cause I’m using fastrack supreme 10.
I will go to VB forum, thank.