Pb Byte stuffing over TCP

I ave a problem.
I try to receive binary files trough TCP. As I undestood if in the binary there is a 0x03 caractere there is a DLE caractere before. My problem is how to check the difference at the end of the file if it is ended by 0x10 as the modem send by themself the 0x03 byte, or if it is ended by 0x03 and it is the modem that insert a 0x10 caractere.


Characters 0x03 and 0x10 are both escaped with 0x10. This means you’ll never get a 0x10 alone, you’ll get either 0x10-0x10 (a 0x10 character has been received), or 0x10-0x03 (a 0x03 character has been received).

Therefore a 0x03 preceded by a single 0x10 represents character 0x03, whereas 0x03 preceded by two 0x10s represents character 0x10 followed by an end of file.

The problem is that the 0x10 chararcters is NOT escaped. Only the 0x03 is eacaped.

I think there have been issues with characters escaping at some point, which have been fixed at some later point. If you install the latest wipsoft, it should sort this out.