Override default DNS on FX30S GENERIC LTE GENERIC M/NB IoT

I am trying to override the default DNS given by the SIM carrier, after downloading Legato R14 with framework version 18.09.02 and after some search , i found that the legato framework does not set any dns , it just read them and populate the resolv.conf in the linux subsystem.
After some experiment i managed to override the DNS that the legato framework retrieve from the connection so the DNS in the resolv.conf are always google dns.
However the cm data command always returns the SIM Carrier DNS.
Where does the CM DATA command retrive those DNS?
Going deeper i found something about PPP protocol , and an argument called “usepeerdns” but modifying this argument does not give any difference once i build the legato cwe.

Any suggestion?


for the “cm data” script, you can see:

I think the DNS is retrieved by le_mdc_GetIPv4DNSAddresses()

Hey , sorry for being late, but , thanks for the hint on the "cm data " script , in the end i’ve successfully rebuilt the legato framework with the DNS override following this thread i’ve found :