Order Of Posts Under a Topic


Hi All,

We would like to take quick poll for changing the order of the posts under a topic. Right now the oldest post under a topic is placed at the top and the latest post is placed at the end. So we need feedback from you guys as to your preference for the order of the posts.

A. The oldest post at the top and the latest at the end.
B. The latest post at the top and the oldest at the end.

To provide your feedback you can reply to this topic.



I think I prefer the way it is - so that the thread begins at the beginning, and works down to the end.

You can get directly to the latest post from the topic listing.

I appreciate that there are pros & cons - but I think, on balance, the current way has it.


I agree with Neil. If you are looking for the answer to a question, it is much easier to see if that question has been asked before if the first post in the thread is the original post.


Agree. A.


i aggree with A.
I think there can be also an answer mechanism which a reply can be marked as answer by the user who asks the question.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your valuable feedback :slight_smile: