Open UART Interface on UART3 (USB)

“Devices Services” or “raw” UART access:

So I should be able to use the USB (UART3) - yes?

So, again, I should be able to use the USB (UART3) - yes?

But, when I try it in that sample, I just get:


The return value from adl_OpenDevice success is -1 - which is uncodumented :angry:

In the trace, I see:

Which is typically unhelpful - as it gives no indication as to which parameter is “wrong”, nor how it is “wrong”! :angry:

So, does anyone know the “trick” to getting this to work??

The trick is to fix Wavecom’s sample so that it works properly!

The ADL User Guide states that UART3 (USB) supports the “DCE” role only; but the sample application is hard-coded to use only the “Null-Modem” role - therefore the sample cannot possibly ever work with UART3 (USB) :exclamation: :angry: