Open AT Lua available as a simple plug-in!

Great news:

At last, Open AT Lua is available as a regular plug-in for Oasis 2.10:

  • Download [size=85][FIXED][/size]
  • Unzip it;
  • Run setup.exe;
  • Click on “Install Open AT”;
  • When asked for an installation path, give the path of your existing Oasis 2.10 installation (C:\OpenAT by default).

That’s it: when running the wizard, a new LUA plugin will be proposed to you. If you select it, in the “Lua plug-in samples set”, you’ll find:

  • lua_interactive, the best environment to work with if you have a 1MB+ memory
  • lua_interactive_light, more spartan, but a better fit for 256KB memory configs
  • scripts: it’s supposed to be a set of Lua scripts to upload and run interactively on the platform:
    [*]a web server
  • an FTP server
  • a web client implemented from scratch over TCP
  • a demo of keyboard usage (configuration and usage of a secret code)
  • a redirection of AT commands over TCP
  • an AJAX-enabled web application (driving the main phone / SMS / phone book features through web pages and RSS streams).
    Unfortunately the wizard doesn’t seem able to generate them properlt (if your experience differs, please tell me so), so you can just retrieve them directly in the zip, in Plug-ins/LUA/LUA/samples/scripts.[/*:m][/list:u]

Just remember that little puzzling behavior in the wizard: you have to enable the plug-in on the right first, then change the sample category on the left in a 2nd step.

Even better news: normally, Open AT Lua should be directly included in the next releases of Oasis 2.10, rather than distributed separately.

[size=85][UPDATE][/size] Plug-in actually put online.

A new version of the Open AT Lua plug-in, with among others:

  • the web server + ajax + webphone sample packaged as a C application.
  • an API to easily create (or emulate) new AT commands from Lua.
  • some minor fixes.

Download the latest Open AT Lua plug-in:

Are there any newer oatlua sources (maybe those, used to build latest plugin lib) available? I can only locate sources timestamped 24-04-2008.


Here are the latest sources:Sources 1.00.2010