Problem open UART1 with wip.fcm

I tring to use wip.fcm to read UART1 data and i all the time recived the error 'attemp to call method ‘wait’ (a nil value)


how can i sole this problem


I’m sorry, wip.fcm() isn’t enabled yet, it will only work with the upcoming Oasis 2 release. The good news is, a beta version should be out by the end of this week, and I think that the final version is expected around 21/04. I’ll post details on how to enable it from Lua when it’ll be released.

Contact your FAE or your distributor to get the beta.


Can you tell me if the new Oasis 2 release, and if yes can you tell me how to enable it from Lua .

best regards

There are Oasis 2 betas “in the wild”, although I don’t know how you can get them; your distributor must be able to help. I think the release of the final version is due for the end of this week, but again, don’t take my word for it, check with your distributor.

Finally, the latest source version of Open AT Lua automatically supports FCM when compiled on Oasis 2, you can get it from: