older AirCard 595 new laptop - adapter/reader?

I have an older Sierra wireless AirCard 595 PCMCIA style card from VerizonWireless that I am lucky enough to have purchased when unlimited data was available. I am told if I upgrade the card to a newer style, I will lose my unlimited data plan. I am off grid at my business location and would like to be able to use the AirCard with my newer Dell Vostro laptop that does not have a PCMCIA card slot. Any suggestions on an adapter or reader that might allow my laptop to still receive internet thru this AirCard? (Edit - I do have an expresscard slot on the laptop) Currently I am utilizing it thru a Linksys Wireless G router WRT54G3G-VN, but would like an option available for times when my generator is not providing power for my office (the router requires power so I’m thinking it needs to be an adapter/reader directly to the laptop). I’ve done a bit of research but some of the technical stuff about how the card communicates with the laptop now has me thinking there is more to this endeavor than just picking an adapter/reader than I originally thought! Any help is much appreciated.


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